Who We Are

Folks who follow HPTA range from Democrats to self-described progressives, liberals, democratic socialists, antiracists, antifascists, radicals, and more.


We are activists, advocates, teachers, elected leaders, organizers, writers, musicians, working parents, retirees, community leaders, students, grandparents, immigrants, political organizers, grassroots organizers, and nonprofit volunteers/employees.

What We Believe


HPTA does not endorse a specific ideology -- rather we make space for everyone committed to equity, justice, and diversity. We strive to seek and follow the direction of existing groups/organizations led by people of color, those in the LGBTQIA+ community, or those directly affected by particular issues, and we try not to reinvent the wheel with new actions.

What We Do

Essentially, this is a group organized around action. We believe everyone has SOMETHING to contribute.


We value folks who do community self-defense or who write postcards and call their representatives. We value speaking in front of local town/county boards and standing on the front lines at rallies and marches. We value those who are registering people to vote and those who are protecting vulnerable communities. We value those who bake for and feed our community members and those who campaign for candidates.


There are so many ways of taking action, and we also recognize that various forms of privilege make certain actions easier/safer for some. We do not believe that ignoring issues makes them go away, we do not proclaim to be colorblind and ignore racial differences, and we do not believe that 'civil' discourse is the only way to produce desired change.

How We Started

HPTA started with a few local individuals who wanted to carry forward the momentum from the historical Women’s Marches that, on January 21, 2017, marked strong national resistance to oppression and inequality.


We began with a few online posts, some enthusiastic exchanges, and then rapidly expanded into a structured group of over 800 individuals who have a stake in the well-being of the wider Hillsborough community.


Our group can be found in the Indivisible Guide among many other activist groups in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

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