Fair Representation

Unfortunately, many basic rights are being eroded — from the inside — by our very own elected officials.

Many  public servants are no longer serving the public and are motivated only by power and profit. This type of political wrangling is nothing new, but recently it has been occurring at an alarming rate, with permanent consequences. Hard-fought legislative gains for the rights of the individual are being erased from the books.


In NORTH CAROLINA the basic rights of every citizen are NOT being recognized and we are at risk of losing even more ground!

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The Decline of Democracy

Cause of  Death - Gerrymandering 

Oh Yes We Did!

Members of HPTA brought this casket and Grim Reaper to the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh during a redistricting committee meeting.

The North Carolina

Gallery of Gerrymandering

Opening Night - Hillsborough 

The debut of HPTA’s North Carolina Gallery of Gerrymandering featured many of Hillsborough’s finest up-and-coming artists! We hosted a booth at Hillsborough Arts Council’s “Last Fridays” event on July 28th , 2017.

Each visitor picked a gerrymandered district outline and envisioned what the shape could be.


We certainly got our fair share of zoological oddities, mythical creatures, and amusing shapes! There were dragons, turtles, striped elephants, snakes, whales, poodles, skunks, kittens, sharks, and some kind of dinosaur wearing a wig(?).


Of particular interest was the now-famous McKissick Moodeerelk, which has been mailed directly to District 20 Senator Floyd McKissick Jr. in Durham.

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