Healthcare for All, Y'all!

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

requires quality healthcare for everyone

We are urgently advocating for


so quality healthcare

can be delivered

to each citizen. 

Healthcare for All, Y'all 

 -  a non-partisan group focused on education & advocacy 
to improve healthcare in the U.S.


-  based in Orange County, NC

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The United States has the HIGHEST healthcare costs and some of the POOREST outcomes. 

Commonwealth Fund Study, 2017.

Thousands of people die each year because they don't have health insurance.

Annals of Internal Medicine, 2017

unnecessary costs associated with PRIVATE INSURANCE and PROVIDER MONOPOLIES:  

"I have healthcare. Why should this matter to me?"

You are paying MORE than you should due to high overheads and overcharges

Medicare for ALL has been shown by dozens of studies to be the best way to provide healthcare to everyone

  • ALL U.S. residents covered

  • ALL medically necessary services:  

  • Free choice of doctor and hospital - NO NETWORKS

  • No premiums, co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles

doctor - hospital - preventative - long-term care - mental health - reproductive health - dental - vision - hearing - prescription drug - medical supply

"OK. But how do we pay for it?"

We're Already paying for it

IMPROVED MEDICARE for ALL uses the money we already spend  

Single payer = low overheaD

A SINGLE PAYER system manages and consolidates payment of services . . .

instead of having dozens of insurers, each with its own administrators

"What does single payer mean?"

A Physician's Perspective:

Everybody benefits when people have health insurance

This short film features audio excerpts from a speech given by Dr. Aparna Jonnal at a Healthcare for All, Y’all event that was held in Chapel Hill, NC on Nov. 14, 2017.


Dr. Jonnal is an emergency physician and primary care provider. She talks about how she believes providing healthcare to all U.S. citizens can help unite our fragmented and deeply divided society.



"I'm still not convinced. I need more information."

Here are some national organizations we recommend visiting for additional information:

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< Physicians for a National Health Program >

< Health Over Profit for Everyone (HOPE) >

< Healthcare-NOW >

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