HPTA Policies



HPTA consist of individuals who have a stake in the well-being of the larger Hillsborough/Orange County, NC community and who self-identify as progressives or who support progressive causes.


Members of this group come from all cross-sections of society. We appreciate diversity of all types--race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, dis/ability, national origin, immigrant status, socioeconomic class, political affiliation, religion, and age.


We strive to organize family-friendly meetings/events where children of all ages are able to attend. If we cannot safely accommodate children at a meeting/event, or the inclusion of young children isn't feasible, we will attempt to provide livestream access for our members who cannot attend. Parents are fully responsible for their children at all events, whether in public or private spaces, as we do not offer paid or structured day care.


For the safety of our community, members should meet in public community spaces that can safely accommodate children.

Please do not share any personal information that could compromise your physical or emotional safety. Members are responsible for making the safest choices for themselves and their own children when participating in any event. We do not provide child care so parents are fully responsible for their children at all times and at all events.


HPTA does not endorse local, state, or national candidates of any party affiliation. Information about individual candidates may be shared and discussed, but HPTA is a non-partisan, issue-driven community. Members may announce to the group their own candidacies for elected office, and answer questions about their campaigns. Any individuals who share their candidate preferences are sharing on behalf of themselves, and not  HPTA.


All statements in this group reflect individual beliefs and not those of HPTA as a group. Individuals are free to express their beliefs in a respectful manner. HPTA is not responsible for determining the truth of statements made by its members. HTPA cannot be held liable for any defamatory statements made on any of its platforms.

Members are to refrain from any language that could be perceived as a threat to another individual.


While the main HPTA group and affiliated Fb groups are closed/secret, please remember that this designation does not guarantee privacy. We cannot control or "police" how your posts and comments may be used by other members.


Individuals are encouraged to independently obtain the full details of any event they plan to attend (e.g. whether the event has been permitted) or actions they chose to take. They should also be mindful of the laws and regulations affecting protesters and group assemblies, freedom of speech, and other Constitutional provisions. HPTA is not responsible for members' conduct, or the consequences thereof.


HPTA does not support, endorse, encourage, or promote any activity or behavior that could endanger the safety of any of its members or non-members, regardless of whether the activity or behavior is related to an HPTA event. Individuals are fully responsible for making decision for themselves and their participating family members regarding personal safety. All risks may not be identified or foreseen during the planning or organizational phases of an initiative or event.


Membership may be revoked or removed from this website/Facebook group should members engage in any physical, verbal, or psychological threats; intentionally create a hostile environment; promote harmful propaganda; engage in personal attacks; take measures to actively work against the goals of this group in the spirit of obstruction; and share information from this group for that harms the integrity or reputation or effectiveness of this group. At the discretion of the steering committee, members may be warned prior to removal or may be removed without warning.

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