Racial Equity

White supremacy. Racism. Hate symbols. We say NO.

We believe that change starts with communities. We believe it's time to confront the racial inequities that impact schools, neighborhoods, institutions, and policies. We believe our nation's history of racial violence, oppression, and white supremacist culture still affects people and communities of color. We believe it's time to change.

That change starts with confronting white supremacy in our own backyards,  speaking up when we are able to do so, with refusing to stay silent.

People in HPTA have supported the relocation of confederate monuments and symbols by confronting the NC Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, supporting the student-led occupation of the Silent Sam confederate monument at UNC-Chapel Hill, speaking in public hearings about local issues,  holding the NC Historical Commission accountable for its role in the confederate monument debate, writing op-eds, and speaking at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights meeting.


In February, several Orange County community members approached the Board of County Commissioners and asked them to impose size restrictions on flags and flagpoles.








HPTA coordinated efforts to confront the NC United Daughters of the Confederacy at their annual state convention. The UDC is responsible for erecting many of the confederate monuments across the south.


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Community members confronting the UDC.

After the placement of an undercover officer at Silent Sam caused outrage among students and community members, the UNC Board of Trustees assembled a public hearing on Silent Sam. The majority of speakers spoke in favor of relocating the confederate monument. 

One of our group members addressed the North Carolina Historical Commission Confederate Monuments Study Committee at a public hearing in February, 2018. 





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